Sunday, April 18, 2010

Killer Dogs Exonerated

After a somewhat thorough examination of the kitty corpse, we have come up with a new theory, based on the following evidence:
1. Indentation in ground where cat was laying.
2. Clean cuts into kitty's internal organs. When found, it was all just a little too clean, if you know what I mean.
3. Long claw-like gashes on kitty's side. The other side.
4. Position of kitty on ground as if dropped from high up and then splat, on its side.
5. Flatness of kitty when found on ground. (I noticed this at time of disposal but was too traumatized to think about it. Kitty was in full rigor by then.)
6. Lack of blood evidence on either dog. 
7. Lack of blood evidence anywhere in yard. 
8. Lack of any kind of injuries on dogs, which would occur if they had engaged in any sort of paw-to-paw combat with kitty.
9. Behavior of dogs prior to kitty disposal: circling and running around excitedly, but no pouncing on kitty.

Also, no kitty is dumb enough to get that close to dogs.

Conclusion reached by charming husband, who has more experience with these things than I do: poor unfortunate kitty kidnapped by eagle or some big bird, which have been sighted around here. Then poor kitty dropped by eagle. And splat. Eagle, or hawk or whatever, then did not want to engage dogs in order to regain control of by then very dead kitty.

Honey and Ash have been exonerated of all charges.  

A collar was found on kitty, but not tags, so next of kin have not been notified. An APB has been put out for the unsub, but chances are slim that the true criminal will be found and convicted.

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